Training Programs

Program 1: $25/4-week Training Block

Program 1 is the blueprint that will serve as your online training guide. From the practice track to the gym, we have provided the structure that will allow you to focus on the aspects necessary to improve as a motocross racer.

With your subscription to Program 1, each Training Block will contain NEW:

  1. Periodized Riding Program
  2. Periodized Strength and Conditioning Program
  3. Warm up and Mobility Protocols
  4. Exercise Technique Video Demonstrations
  5. Advice from Mike LaRocco sharing experiences from his racing and managing careers
  6. Strength and Conditioning Articles by Ross Muinzer, MS, CSCS.

Program 2: $75/4-week Training Block

Program 2 provides all the same features as Program 1, with the added benefit of interactive email communication with Mike and Ross. This is your chance to ask any specific questions that you may have pertaining to your racing career. We will serve as your personal resource that you can lean on for any advice you feel can help you on your journey.

Program 3: $500/4-week Training Block

Program 3 is your chance to have Mike and Ross as your full-time coaches. Unlimited phone and email communication will allow us to create an individualized program designed specifically for your age/training experience/goals/race schedule/etc.

Your subscription to Program 3 will also include the added benefits of:

  1. Personalized Nutrition Guidelines
  2. Unlimited Exercise Technique Analysis
  3. Unlimited Riding Technique Analysis

Riding Technique Analysis: $500

Riding technique plays a large role in speed, efficiency, and safety. Our online riding technique analysis is designed for those who are unable to attend a riding school. Studying video of you riding will allow us to create riding advice based on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

After studying the video, we will create feedback including:

  1. Techniques to focus on
  2. Specific riding skills to focus on
  3. Riding drills to improve weaknesses
  4. Exercises to focus on in the gym to strengthen riding positions/techniques
Coming Soon!

Exercise Technique Analysis: $500

In order to get the most out of your training in the gym, each exercise must be performed correctly. If you a struggling with a particular exercise, let us figure out why. Send us videos of you doing up to 4 exercises used in the program and we will create feedback including:

  1. Technique correction explanation
  2. Set up position correction and individualization
  3. Mobility drills to improve range of motion needed for each exercise
  4. Assistance and Corrective exercises to add into your program
Coming Soon!

One Time Phone Consultation with Mike LaRocco: $750

This is your chance to talk shop with Mike. Best suited for the serious racer looking for career, bike set up, or managing guidance. Your chance to tap into the resource that is Mike's experience as a professional racer and team manager.

  1. Initial phone conference
  2. Unlimited email communication for the month
  3. Follow up phone conference

Equipment Needed for the Strength and Conditioning Program

A large amount of equipment and weights are required to get the most out of yourself. A gym membership is the cheapest option and most public gyms will have everything you will need.

  1. Gym Equipment: Squat Rack/Olympic Barbell+Weights/Dumbbells/Kettle Bells/Bench
  2. Cardio Equipment: Rower/Assault Bike/Treadmill/Stationary Bike/Bicycle/etc.
  3. Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball: daily warmups will begin with a foam rolling session
  4. Heart Rate Monitor: a heart rate monitor will be used for all conditioning sessions
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